The Dark Side of Social Media + Millennials and Silence

Oh hey! Welcome to the coolest new digital detox newsletter. Or maybe just the newest. Look here for inspiration to disconnect, sent to your inbox monthly (and sometimes more often when I get around to it). I dig your feedback, so send it in the form of emails or duct taped to a llama. Just […]

Why an agency guy and co-owner of a wine bar is disconnecting at Camp Press Iceland

I’ve been exposed to a screen every day since I was born. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve been away from some sort of interactive device for more than 6 consecutive hours of my waking life in the past 25 years.

Camp Press Adventure Series in Iceland!

After an awesome event last weekend, we’re ready to announce one more! In April ’18 we’re planning on taking a lucky group of geeks for a Camp Press experience in Iceland! Food, lodging, in-country transportation, guided hikes, programming, and entertainment are all included (Pre-registration priced at $1,299). PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

Inaugural Camp Press 2017 a huge success

When you set out to create a conference that pushes boundaries and comfort zones, it’s scary. Will people sign up? Will they have fun? Will they get out of it everything you’d hoped? Will there be something there to build on for the next event? Will there be a next event?! As Aaron and I […]

Camp updates 8/24/2017

Hey there! The Camp Press family is super excited to welcome you to camp. This update includes important information about departures, food, directions and a couple misc questions we received from the recent survey. Final schedule On check-in, you’ll receive a welcome packet with the final schedule and orientation information. Departing from Camp on Sunday […]

Suggested packing list for camping in Oklahoma

September is one of the best times to visit Oklahoma. Typically the temperature is moderate and there are fewer bugs. As September approaches, make sure to take a look at the weather forecast for the weekend and pack accordingly. Below is a list of items to help you jump-start your packing list. Some items are […]